Pandora's Box

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40000 views!! and 500 likes!! and still counting ...


I make my entry into the budding fraternity of Bankers turning into Writers with my maiden attempt - Pandora's Box. I live in Mumbai and I can be reached at or followed @tusharsarojsen on twitter.


This work is a testimony to the fact that all my development in life is based on the labors of other individuals, living and dead, and therefore it is my moral obligation to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each one of them; firstly I thank my proof reader Poulomi who chipped away so many of my faults, I thank my parents for their love and blessings. I also thank all my wonderful friends for being there. Sincere token of gratitude to my editor Surojit Gupta and my cover designer Mistha Roy for putting up with my incurable disease of perfectionism. I would like to thank all those who directly or indirectly made it possible for this book to reach the stands.Special thanks to Meera, Albert Pinto and Birdie’s pal.


And finally to the readers who pay to possess my book . . . I wish you didn’t have to.